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Variable Data Merging (Mail Merging)

Variable Data Merging (Mail Merging)

Provide us with your MS Excel database of names, surnames, postal details, company details, gender, titles, etc and we can merge that variable data with any document to produce Personalised:
* Direct mail inserts
* Invitations (to product launches, weddings, VIPs, award ceremonies, premieres, etc)
* Monthly statements
* Mailing labels
* Donation requests
* Membership/Subscription renewals and invitations
* Calendars, book covers, etc.

What is even better, is that you can provide us with pdf documents to ensure that there are no formatting problems, and we can merge the variable data directly with the pdf document.

Click on the button on the left to send us your enquiry, so that we can provide you with an estimate of the cost and turn-around time.

PS: If you only need the variable data merging service and prefer to do the printing yourself, that is no problem at all. You would email the data and pdf document (or upload to our website), we would do the merge and email the result to you, or send you a link to download the finished product.