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Scanning - Large Format

Scanning - Large Format

We will do FREE large format scans if you print the documents with us as well, which means you pay for the printing only. Get a quote now!

Full colour printing costs vary from R50 for an A2 printed on 180gsm Matt stock (incl VAT) to R185 for an A0 on the same stock. We can also print on 190gsm Photo Satin, 190gsm Photo Gloss, 375gsm Coated Canvas and 170 micron Backlit Film. The prices for printing on these stocks vary from R75 to R450, incl VAT, depending on size and stock. ((However, please see our 20% discount Promotion on canvas printing!)

If we scan building plans, P&IDs, etc for B&W printing on 80gsm Bond, there is also no charge for the scans if we print the documents. However, in these cases we have VOLUME DISCOUNTS as well, so the prices vary from R43 per print to R10 per print, incl VAT, depending on size and quantity. (There is an addtional charge of R5 per print if it contains colour)

If we scan only and write to a CD or flash memory stick, the price is R30 per sheet for sizes from A2 to A0, incl VAT.
(We scan documents smaller than A2 on our other digital scanners/printers, where the price varies from R4 per sheet to R7.50 per sheet, depending on whether it is hand-fed or high-speed scanning.) We can also scan items from 1m wide to almost any length, and prices for this are available on request.

Of course, once the document has been scanned, you can do anything with it: If it is the wall-mounted mind-maps from your business strategy session, they can then be emailed to all the participants; if it is your kid's Spiderman poster, you can get us to make you small birthday invitations....come and try us!

If we need to manipulate the scan (change the size, do colour enhancements or cropping, etc.), then we charge on a time basis, with the minimum charge equivalent to 10 minutes' graphic design time (R60 incl VAT).