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Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is sometimes known as "paperback binding", because it is well-known as the type of binding used for paperback books (see the photo).

Minuteman Press Cresta can do Perfect Binding for book sizes from A6 to A4, with no minimum quantity (we'll do 1 book if required), but with a minimum of 40 pages (20 sheets of paper) per book. The minimum page requirement is to ensure that it is still possible to obtain a flat spine, which is the hall-mark of a perfect bound book.

Perfect Binding is ideally used for books that are going to be read only. It is not suitable for training manuals, diaries, etc, where the user requires the document to lie flat when opened. If perfect binding is used for this kind of document, there is a risk that the user will press the book flat when opened, resulting in a broken spine and consequent possible detachment of pages.

Also have a look at the other binding options available from Minuteman Press Cresta under the "Binding" heading, or give us a call on 011 678 8250 to find out if we can help you with your special requirements.