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Invoice/Receipt Books (NCR Books)

Invoice/Receipt Books (NCR Books)


• Invoice books?
• Receipt books?
• Order books?

We regularly receive requests for quotations for carbonless invoice books, receipts books, order books, etc. This kind of book is known as an NCR book ("no carbon required"), and there are a number of things that we need to know in order to give you an accurate quotation.

Below follows a list of the information that we need:


1. How many books do you require?
This is the single-most important factor that will influence the cost per book. In fact, we try to avoid quoting for less than 10 books, as the unit cost becomes quite high at such low print volumes. (If a client requires less than 10 books, we usually advise him/her to buy a standard CNA or RBE book, and to let us make a self-inking stamp with their company details. Once the business has grown to where 10 or more books are required, come back to us.)

2. Is it a book or a pad?
A pad will not attract the cost of binding the forms into a book, but a pad will not have the convenience of filing the final copies in book format.

3. What is the size and orientation of the book?
A4? A5? A4 skinny? Landscape? Portrait? This information will determine the way in which it is bound and perforated, if it is a book. (See also "Design templates" below.)

4. How many parts and what colour paper?
Original + Copy 1 = 2-Part
Original + Copy 1 + Copy 2 = 3-Part
Obviously this will determine the paper cost and the printing time. If the colour of the paper on which the original and copies are printed is important, please mention the colours. Available colours are white, blue, pink, green and yellow.
The number of parts will also determine how many sets of invoices/receipts, etc will be bound in a book. Normally 2-part books will contain 100 sets, and 3-part books will contain 50 sets.

5. How many sides printed? All the same?
You may require Terms and Conditions printed on the back of the original. In this case it will require an extra plate and additional press time, and it is therefore important for us to know in order to prepare a comprehensive quote.
You may require the first form to have "ORIGINAL" printed on it, and "COPY 1", etc on the following forms. If this is the case, then each of these differences will require a new plate, and we need to know about it.

6. How many colours?
The most cost-effective printing is 1-colour printing (any standard colour), but maybe you have a 2-colour logo and would like to have the original form contain the logo in colour. Just remember that every colour requires a plate, and it's best to avoid full-colour NCR books, mainly due to the cost implications.

7. How many to view?
When you open the book, how many receipts/invoices, etc. do you see on the page? One? Three? This will determine how many perforations are required, and in how many places must the numbers be printed. (See also "Design templates" below.)

8. Perfing & Numbering.
The same machine is used to number and perforate simultaneously. So you don't save any money by numbering but not perfing. Avoid more than 4 numbers on a page. Most numbering and perfing machines run up to 4 numbering blocks, but more than that requires more specialised machines, obviously at increased cost.
Please specify the starting number of the first book. (If we printed your previous books, we will have the next number to start with in the new books on our records, so you don't have to worry about that.)

9. Design of the forms.
Who will provide the design of the forms and in what format? We have two graphic designers at the shop, so we can do it for you, but the more information that you can supply, the lower will be the graphic design costs. (Tip: We have a library of examples of the different forms. Just click on this link ( to get to the examples.)

10. Design templates.
If you are going to design the forms yourself, please have a look at our templates which will give you guidance on what we require.
This link can be used to see the layout for an A4 form, and we also have templates for A4 2-to-view , A5 landscape and A5 portrait.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information on ordering and designing you NCR material.