Customer Login

Customer Portals is a feature of our website that allows you, our valued customer, to access all the print artwork that we have done for you to date, and to modify and change it as appropriate, before submitting it to us for a new print run.

It is a powerful feature that allows you to modify your business cards for new employees, update your letterheads with your new contact details, place updated photographs in your corporate profile, etc. at anytime of the day or week, at your convenience.

However, due to historical limitations on Internet transfer speeds in South Africa, we have had very little uptake on this feature of our web-site. But, if your company has high-speed broadband Internet access (like we do), and you can see a benefit in this service to your print requirements, please contact us, and we will gladly set-up this web-site feature for you.

We would like to have your corporate business, and if Customer Portals will make you consider us as a service provider, we will gladly provide that service.